Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Fresh New Start

The fact that I have been tentatively and frustratingly jump starting this blog post with not a single focus in my head means only one thing–my mind is so jammed up, I badly need some reboot!

There… I finally got through my opening. Wait… wait… wait… ugh! There! I was just trying to crush the urge to erase what I have already written here with something else. If I keep on doing this I’ll end up again with nothing to blog about. With all the energy and sensibility I can muster from my weary self, here I am, again, trying to quicken my freezing soul in this burning heat.

The truth is, I just survived a very dizzying election season. And I am quite certain almost every living soul in this country wants to take just time out from all the madness that is subsiding, or perhaps starting a brand new cycle all over again. I don’t even have enough wit right now to look back at what I am writing to check if I am making any sense at all. Pardon me, guys. This isn’t me, yet.

But soon, I’ll be back. Back to my old, blogging self. Soon, I’ll be dishing you out with fresh new stories, tidbits, and the many whatevers of life. For now, endure this irritating rant.

To balance this ire, though, I have some good stuff cooking in my head. Once given enough free time, I plan on reformatting the blogsite with better, user-friendly details. I also plan on finally coming up with tags for my posts. I was reading on of WordPress’ tips on how your blog can get recognized, and they said it is important to put up tags. So, I’ll be taking their advice.

I plan on organizing the previous posts, especially the series editions, for our avid readers to go back and re-read them all over again. That’s a total 306 posts, and so it won’t be easy going through all of them one by one. But with enough time, we can get all of our items here in the sight fixed and organized. Just you wait and see what’s going to happen.

For now, allow me to terminate my random ranting, to give way for 15 minutes of power nap here in our audio room, where the air conditioner is doing the terrific job of making me forget how tormenting the heat is outside.


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