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Celtics Rob One on the Road; Ties Series At 1

The 103-94 win by the Boston Celtics reminded everyone that home court advantages mean nothing to them.

And it had to be done in record-breaking fashion.

Ray Allen, after three nights of dismal shooting from behind the arc, notched eight three pointers of eleven attempts, surpassing the record of seven three pointers in a Finals game, that was set eight years ago by no less than Michael Jordan. 27 of Allen’s 32 points came from the first half, and it would have seemed he was out of gas for the next half of the fray.

Enter Rajon Rondo.

Rondo, who was disappointing in Game One as Allen was, stepped up big time with his in-the-paint assault, slick dishes to his teammates, and big-time rebounds, giving him a triple-double figure that night to keep the Celtics on top the charging Lakers, who waged on for the last 5 minutes of the quarter, until everything went south for them.

Pau Gasol has been dominant for the Lakers and over Kevin Garnett. In their first game meeting, age showed up and slowed down Garnett versus a more versatile Gasol, who’s 25 points dwarfed Garnett’s 6. Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant notched only 21 points (something we don’t see from Kobe usually in ANY game), and every one else who stepped on the floor were nondescript.

As for Boston, they had a total turn around from their lukewarm performance two nights ago. They outrebounded LA, 44-39, moved the ball better as reflected by their 28 assists, compared to LA’s 18, and they had lesser turnovers.

Allen’s barrage of three pointers gave Boston 66% accuracy beyond the arc, while LA had only 5 out of 22 tries, a dismal 22%. Boston also had better field goal percentage than LA, and was shooting better in the charity line than when any Laker was taking one.

The Lakers are now sporting a 4-4 record in wins and loses on the road. Boston, on the other hand, is 6-2.

Kobe Bryant, having been troubled with fouls early in the game, was limited in his production. While he came in with clutch shots to salvage the Lakers late in the game, it also happened that Rondo stepped up big for the C’s.

Game three will be played in Boston on Tuesday (Wednesday here in the Philippines). Either Boston guards well their advantage for the next three matches, or LA storms back and takes one on the road.

What happens next in Boston for the next three nights will be crucial in deciding who wins, or goes home.


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