Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 11

I am one among the millions of Filipinos who, until today, are clueless as to what to make of the recent Grandstand carnage last Monday evening. Perhaps, owing to the fact that this blog is my personal venue for my own take on the event, I can let you into some of my own view on the tragic hostage drama, and let’s see how far we can go.

But just as I was browsing the net and reading the recent editions of the broadsheets, in order for me to settle with a comprehensive perspective of my own, I encountered a video on Chico Garcia’s blog, embedded from YouTube, which eventually concluded my search, and prompted me to start writing this blog. I hope you will be patient enough to read this piece first before you scroll down and view the video.

To begin with, this is not a moral debate. Yesterday, I was being tempted to tread that path, but as the day went on, the urge just died naturally. I kind of realized that that path won’t lead to anywhere. So I dropped the idea of weighing the rights and wrongs of the events.

I am writing this take based from three different situations, but all with a common denominator: from parenthood.

During the early moments of the hostage drama, it was already reported that Rolando Mendoza’s son, was coming home from Abra to help resolve the situation. The son, himself a police officer, wasn’t coming home as a fellow law enforcer, or a subordinate policeman in the ranks–he was simply coming home as a junior, as a son. In some days, divorcing your role as a child, and your calling as a policeman is easy. This isn’t one of those days.

And then, after the tragic ending came, with Mendoza being killed in the process, I receive a call from my best friend, telling me that Mendoza was the dad of one of his college barkadas. It was just two weeks ago that they were celebrating their 10th year of friendship since freshman in college. Now, all the jovial memories were quickly obliterated by mourning and grief in the part of that young lady–a daughter, who’s only wish that things never ended for his dad the way it did.

Finally, I have here this video that I saw from Chico’s blog. I won’t let you in to what’s it all about–I’ll let you experience the bittersweet feeling that  experienced as I watch the clip from start to finish.

After watching this video, try now to synthesize all of what I gave you as views on the tragic hostage drama, mix it with your own view. And then, if ever you arrive at that moment of closure, ask yourself:

How much do you give worth to your life?


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