Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 12

Bishop Oscar Cruz is now being urged to finally reveal who are the two government officials he identified to be receiving jueteng money.

So what happened to “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap?”

He’s just halfway through his first one hundred days as president, and PNoy is already under fire for a lot of things. The Luneta Grandstand Hostage Tragedy, and now this bomb that the Dagupan Archbishop is about to detonate–it seems things won’t get any easier for the president.

Watching the news for the last two months since President Aquino assumed power, I kind of noticed one common thing–when something bad, wrong, gory, or unfortunate happens, people start running to the president for help. I remember hearing over the radio some folks asking the president for help in their bankrupt business, and then another asking from him help on the demolition of their homes, and then some other NGO’s seeking assistance from the president for their project to be approved.

The president has all of a sudden become a super hero. And the bad side to this is that if the president fails to address all these, he ends up being crucified.

Again, by the way, this is just half way through his first one hundred days as president.

Wait when the next five years come rushing on him.


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