Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Oo Nga Naman 30

A man was urgently needing a thousand pesos, and he had nowhere else to run to. He turned to prayer and asked God, “Lord, please do something that I could have that 1,000 pesos right now. I just need the money so urgently…”

As the man was praying, a policeman apparently heard the prayer. Touched by the man’s plea, he reached into his pocket, got his wallet out, pulled out 700 pesos, and walked up to the praying man.

“Sir,” said the policeman, “I heard your prayer from way over there. I hope this will help,” as the policeman handed over the bills amounting to 700.

“Oh, thank you so much Mr. Policeman!” said the praying man.

Just when the policeman had walked a good distance away, the needy guy prayed again.

“Lord, thanks a lot for this money. But would you please, next time, send it through someone else other than that policeman? He took the other 300, I suppose!”

Moral lesson: Couldn’t we just shush, and be thankful?


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