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UAAP 73 Finals: Game One Goes to ADMU

Usually during a Finals game, the outcome is decided either by one team who performed good, or the other performed bad.

In the case of the UAAP Finals Game One between the FEU Tamaraws and the Ateneo Blue Eagles, it was both: Ateneo performed good, and FEU performed bad.

If it were only one of the two factors, then it wouldn’t have ended with a 72-49 score. The Tamaraws, the hungrier team of the two, should have seized this day by having a good field day with their well-known offensive edge. But by the end of the first half, the Tamaraws were trailing by as much as they have already notched behind Ateneo, 42-21. Guys like Noundou, Cawaling and Sanga only combined for 9 points, while the leading candidate for MVP, RR Garcia seemed tentative with all his shots, and managed to score only 11 points for all the minutes he clocked. The game went so bad for FEU, if the top five scorers of Ateneo were the only ones scoring, FEU would still lose by one point.

As for Ateneo, they made sure the stigma of their two loses against the Tamaraws during the regular season will be erased with a dominating performance. The two incurred defeats of Ateneo in the hands of FEU were only by small margins. Getting back at their tomentors, the Blue Eagles handed the Tamaraws a heavier dose of their own medicine as early as the first quarter 26-8. And things can only get better for Ateneo, as their leads per quarter increased each time, from 18 in the first, 21 in the second, 22 in the third and 23 in the fourth. Sheer domination.

I was reading a forum tackling the FEU-Ateneo match-up for the Finals, and I found two guys debating over who’s got the real experience factor. The pro-FEU was quick to dispel experience factoring in for Ateneo as a back-to-back champion. Apparently, he ended up eating his words, as the pro-Ateneo he was up against in the forum lambasted him like flaying someone alive. Indeed, the stronger, more experienced team came up with the crucial first game win.

On Thursday, either FEU does something to make the series go the distance, or Ateneo notches a three-peat.


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