Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Zero Inbox

Almost everyone these days have e-mails. And I think almost everyone who has e-mails have this seemingly insurmountable problem–hundreds upon hundreds of unread inbox messages.

Even with those spam protectors in our accounts, we still get those annoying messages from companies that either don’t exist or have nothing else to do other than to flood you with absurd offers, un-claim-able prizes from fly-by-night promos, and impossible tips on weight loss or body enhancements.

And if you’re lucky you open up one of those carrying a virus.

And then there’s the social networking sites, who also alert you with new happenings in your accounts by the hundreds each day. For each tag, comment, uploaded photo, or “like” button clicked by a friend, that’s one new message in your inbox. So, that means, if you’re the friendly type, you find yourself sifting through hundreds of messages that you’ve already seen in your social network accounts, which you still have to deal with in your e-mail.

That, along with the taxing job of having to go through them one by one, and the still unending influx of incoming messages, tires you out already even to think of opening your e-mail at all.

That’s why inboxes end up with thousands of unread messages.

Only if you had time, right?

Well, absurd as it may seem, I finally had enough time.

Here at Brunei, since most of my task here comes in the afternoon, I was able to get some time for myself to look into my inbox, sift through the unread messages, and delete a whole bunch of them. There were also those which were important, but since they were already redundant messages from the ones I already received in my FB and Twitter accounts, I just breezed through them one by one by opening them without reading. I was simply clicking on the next “button” until I had all the unread messages opened.

I started with 764 unread inbox messages and 263 spams.

Now, it’s finally zero.

Agree with me now–it’s an achievement worth bragging about!

Well, the battle isn’t over yet. By the end of the day, a couple more would have made it’s way to my already cleaned up message bin. But, now that i have finally done what only a handful of e-mail users have done, I think I can manage the ones coming in.

Try having a zero inbox. You’d be proud you did yourself a favor.


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