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Love Medley: Guitar Instrumental Trio

(I’m reserving the post on MICA’s performance during the 18th NSC next week, when all the pix from the Convention are all in from the delegates who went there. Also, I can’t post the video of the Scripture Video here yet. It won FIRST PLACE, and is qualified for the ISC next year. Not wanting to pre-empt any outcome by then, the video will be restricted to private viewing only through YouTube. You may leave your e-mails and/or your Youtube user name if you’d like to get exclusive invites to view the vid. More stories about this and the NSC next week. For now, enjoy this appetizer!)

This is a tutorial video I made for the piece entitled “Love Medley” a medley arrangement of the songs “Nothing Can Separate Us From His Love,” “Love Lifted Me,” “Such Love,” “Everlasting Love,” and “The Love of God” for trio guitar rendition. This piece was performed by the Instrumental Trio Guitar contestants of the Metropolitan International Christian Academy for the 18th National Student Convention held at Cagayan De Oro, and they won 2nd place!

Congratulations to Jael Cruz, Dustin Melosantos and Keano Magsombol for bagging 2nd place honors!




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