Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Clippers Remain Clipped at 1-13

One player’s eye is fixed on the scoreboard one minute, and then drops it heavily on the next one, as the clock winds down. Three other players run across the court, pretending they’re about to do a play that’s worth the lead of the opponent, while the player bringing the ball inbound takes a deep breath, launches the ball with half his body tired, and half his mind despairing.

The bench looks just as much distraught as the five on the floor. Some are just emptying the last cup of Gatorade, as if that was the only thing worth coming to a losing game like that one. The others have their towels draped over their heads, either to dry the sweat or to cover their shame. And the coach is putting the cap of his marker back on, after drawing so many plays he hoped could salvage the team. In the end, he feels like he wasted one-fourth of the pen’s ink to yet another loss.

An on-court scene and a courtside scene all too familiar for the “other LA team.”

Before we get ahead of ourselves, imagine and consider with me the following: the Los Angeles Clippers were blessed last year of the chance to take the 1st pick of the first round. And true enough, they got the trump card with Blake Griffin. They were able to keep Baron Davis, DeAndre Jordan, and Chris Kaman, keeping the core of the Clippers team intact, as far as experience and gelling on the court is concerned. Eric Gordon added to the offensive fire power of the team. They had a pretty decent performance during pre-season games, and with Griffin in full condition, after missing most of his rookie season due to a kneecap injury, the Clippers were the promising team expected to rise this year.

They’re 1-13 in the win-loss standings so far.

The 13 straight losses obviously more than eclipses the opening night victory they had. Everybody was expecting this season to be the official coming-out party for Griffin, who missed the season on a major injury. But it seems the Clippers are once again stuck in that same ‘ole dusty, cellar spot in the standings, and if they don’t jumpstart something of a winning fashion, they’ll be doomed even before all-star break commences.

It’s as puzzling, the pile-up of defeats one by one, as is the seemingly solid core they brag about. But paper facts on what the team has, and whatever output is logged on the floor are two very different things to consider. Unfortunately, the Clippers cannot reconcile these two disparate sides of their performances every night, and so far, they’ve been on the losing end of things thirteen straight times.

An all too familiar scene, indeed.


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