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Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 28

This yuletide season, perhaps the two happiest persons in the country are Hubert Webb and Hayden Kho.

In just a span of 4 days, the prime suspect to the Vizconde Massacre and the scandalous ex-dermatologist were both acquitted of their crimes, both on grounds of insufficiency of evidence. While Kho’s acquittal was somewhat an acceptable bitter pill, it was the acquittal of Webb and his co-accused that rocked the nation unlike any other in judicial history. What further sets these two cases apart is the fact that the case against Kho hasn’t seen its end yet, as it can still be elevated to the Court of Appeals, and if pushed further, to the Supreme Court; in the case of Hubert Webb, his quest for freedom has found its finality after 15 years of languishing in jail.

A finality, that still eludes Lauro Vizconde.

Sad as it seems, the survivor of the massacre that claimed the life of his wife and children might not live to see the day that the true murderers of his family will be caught and imprisoned. While on the one side, a complete family will be celebrating Christmas, on the other side is a widowed husband, still searching for justice.

People have been asking–is justice dead in the country, with the acquittal of Webb and Kho? Perhaps the first question to be asked is ‘who is saying that justice is dead?’ An even more fundamental question would be, ‘on what basis can justice be said dead?’

I think the problem begins when people think and talk of justice in terms of fairness. People seem to expect justice to be fair to everybody, both for the victim and the accused. We should be reminded that at the end of any hearing, one party will end up rejoicing, and the other reeling. Justice cannot absolutely tell who is telling the truth. It is not perfect. And when people start expecting justice to be perfect, people end up looking at it to be anything but.

Perhaps the most obvious irony with justice is that its fairness stems from its being unfair.


Oo Nga Naman 37

Minsang tinanong ng isang bata ang nanay niya kung saan nanggaling ang tao.

“Anak,” sabi ng ina, “ginawa ng Diyos sila Adan at Eba, at sa kanila tayo lahat nagmula.”

Makalipas ang isang linggo, tinanong ng bata ang kanyang ama ng parehong tanong.

“Galing tayo sa mga unggoy, na nag-evolve makalipas ang maraming taon,” tugon ng ama.

Nalito na lalo ang bata sa magkaibang sagot ng nanay at tatay niya. Bumalik siya sa kanyang nanay at ikinuwento ang sagot ng kanyang ama.

“Simple lang yan, anak,” sabi ng ina.

“Yung sinabi ko sayo, yun yung family tree ng side namin. Yung sinabi ng daddy mo, yun naman yung family tree ng side nila.”

Chelsey Grace: First Sunday Service

On her 29th day, Chelsey Grace officially attended her first Sunday Service at the MBBC Sta. Ana.

Me and Cess were literally frantic and rattled in getting Chelsey prepped up for her first ever church attendance (as if she knew what that was, hehe). It took us three tries at what she’s wearing until we finally got what you’re seeing:

I finally understood what the old folks used to say about the joys of having a daughter for a firstborn. Truth is, I was enjoying every bit of Cess getting Chelsey all dressed up. I actually caught myself unusually excited about Chelsey’s first Sunday service, and it wasn’t long before I was the one getting the socks and mittens on her feet and hands, and fitting the cute headband on her. This day was one of those “it only happens once in a lifetime” days, when I get to see my daughter attend the same church where I started off as an infant myself. Now, I’ve got my own kid starting off the road to a Godly legacy.

Everybody was just thrilled and all over her when she came to church. My mom really lived up to the “lola” role, always wanting to carry Chelsey in her arms every moment she could steal her from my arms. My dad, the proud “lolo” was all talk and bragging every time the church members pass by to take a peek at my daughter. My sister was also there, making sure she’d be around to hear comments about how Chelsey has her resemblance (tita’s, you know?), while Tim comes along with a gang of his classmates from our Sunday School, telling them how he’s now a tito.

As for the dad, well, suffice it to say everybody finally got convinced that Chelsey did take most of her features from me. But that would mean, as some would say, that when she’s all grown up, she’ll start looking more like her mom.

That’s fine. Nothing much will change, I guess.

Chelsey Grace: Cute. Cuddly.

I’m saving a lengthier blog on Saturday, when Chelsey celebrates her fourth week, and perhaps another one on Monday, when Chelsey turns exactly a month old. For now, enjoy the best shots of our cute and cuddly bundle of joy from day one to the latest.

And the cutest pic of ’em all…

December Traffic

‘Tis the season for love, joy, and longer threads of patience on the road.

It’s finally here, folks–the horror that is December traffic. Either you’re on the suffering end of the jam or you’re the one causing it. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter–everybody’s trapped in it after all.

What really piques my mind is that things suddenly get all messed up on the road automatically when December finally came in (or at least the last weeks of November). My usual travel of 30 minutes from point A to B became an hour AT LEAST. Not even the regular shortcuts you’d take to get you through the fix were spared from the heavy traffic. From a driver’s standpoint (or more appropriately “seat” point), the volume of cars plying the roads have doubled up over the last two weeks. Bazaars and tiangges have sprouted like wild mushrooms almost everywhere. The pedestrians don’t mind anymore if they’re obstructing the flow of vehicles, as long as they get to squeeze into the line of puto-bumbong customers. And the parking? Good luck.

Case in point: coming from Imus, I took the Macapagal highway to avoid the Paranaque-Baclaran jam. Wrong move. I haven’t even taken the turn going to Macapagal, I was already trapped in the jam. Turns out an ongoing construction has slashed one lane off Macapagal, creating the bottleneck that had me and a hundred other motorists reeling. Adding to the already aggravating situation are the hotheads of the roads, whose expletives would pass for that call center-client feud you’ve probably heard circulating around the internet. I chose not to join the fray.

By the time I got past the bottleneck, I had already finished one album’s worth of tracks on my mp3 player. I thought I could finally sigh with relief that the horror is finally over.

Until I got to the World Bazaar.


The parked cars alone took 2/3 of the road, and those who were unfortunate to find a parking ramped up to the center islands like military vehicles awaiting deployment on an Afghanistan crossfire. On the moving side of what’s left of the highway, there’s hardly any giving going on between the motorists (especially those passenger vehicles, who are “kind enough” to stop in the middle of the highway just to get some passengers).Believe me, writing these scenes in my head makes me cringe.

If my conservative estimates would bear me out, I think our patience on the streets will be tested more for the next 27 days, all the way to the new year.

Who knows? It’s already February 2011, and you’re still where you were when you got there in 2010.

Oo Nga Naman 36

May mga tao talaga na wala sa hulog…


Isang araw, may nakita akong isang ibon na patay. Sabi ko sa kasama ko, “‘tol, kawawa naman yung patay na ibon.”

Tumingin sa langit ang magaling kong kaibigan, sabay sabing “nasaan?”


“Anak, male-late ka na sa church,” sabi ng isang nanay sa kanyang anak.

“Ok lang yan ma, marami ding late na members eh,” sagot ng anak.

“Hindi pwede anak, hindi pwedeng late ka!” sabi ng nanay.

“Bakit, ‘ma? Late din naman yung pastor eh…” sagot ng anak.

“Anak…” buntong hininga ng ina, “IKAW ang pastor!”


Nagkukwentuhan kami ng mga young people sa church, when one of our boys told a story of his dream last night.

“Sir, napanaginipan ko po na nakagapos daw po tayo sa loob ng isang bahay, tapos sinugod daw po tayo ng mga zombies sa ‘Plants Vs. Zombies’ para kainin.”

“Ano nangyari?” tanong ko.

“Sir… ako lang daw po ang nabuhay. Ano kaya ibig sabihin nun, sir?”

Sinagot siya ng isa sa mga pilosopo sa amin.

“Ibig sabihin walang kakainin na brains sayo, kaya pinabayaan ka na lang.”

Oo Nga Naman 35

During one of my Sunday School classes, I was discussing about the Ten Commandments. I got to the point where I elaborated on the commandment on honoring our parents. It was during the interaction time when one of my students, the most unassuming but blunt of them all, caught me off guard.

“OK class, this commandments tell us to how to treat our fathers and mothers. Now, my question is… is there any commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?” I asked.

The student, in all his candid honesty, raised his hand and replied.

“Thou shalt not kill.”

Dirk Drives Dallas Domination

The Dallas Mavericks are enjoying the momentum of their sixth straight win, thanks to the heart-driven performances of Dirk Nowitzki.

Chipping in 20 points and 10 rebounds, Nowitzki helped the Mavs dismantle a struggling Houston Rockets, 101-91, making them now one of the two the hottest streaking teams with six straight victories (the Utah Jazz is also in a six-game winning streak). It was just last week that they stopped the San Antonio Spurs from going any further than 12 straight wins with a 103-94 victory over their fellow Texas franchise. While the Spurs, after taking vengeance against the New Orleans Hornets, are still on spot number 1 in the standings, the Mavs, along with the LA Lakers are just two games away from sharing the top spot with San Antonio.

Caron Butler, the other hot-handed Mav on the floor that night, complemented Dirk’s output with his 19 points. Shawn Marion contributed 14 points while sharing the board job with 10 rebounds as well. The always dependable Jason Kidd dropped the dime 11 times, including a spectacular no-look pass to Butler.

Recently, the Mavs have been very aggressive going for a drive to the basket, as well as taking the high percentage jump shots. The presence of both Nowitzki and Marion gives the Mavs a strong inside game, and adding to that a smart orchestration of the ball in the outside by Kidd makes Dallas a serious threat to both San Antonio and the defending champs.

The Mavericks are indeed serious in making a run for the championship this season. But their domination in the past seasons didn’t bring them across the first or second rounds of the playoffs.

With time running out on them, this season should and must be different for the Mavericks.