Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Chelsey Grace: First Sunday Service

On her 29th day, Chelsey Grace officially attended her first Sunday Service at the MBBC Sta. Ana.

Me and Cess were literally frantic and rattled in getting Chelsey prepped up for her first ever church attendance (as if she knew what that was, hehe). It took us three tries at what she’s wearing until we finally got what you’re seeing:

I finally understood what the old folks used to say about the joys of having a daughter for a firstborn. Truth is, I was enjoying every bit of Cess getting Chelsey all dressed up. I actually caught myself unusually excited about Chelsey’s first Sunday service, and it wasn’t long before I was the one getting the socks and mittens on her feet and hands, and fitting the cute headband on her. This day was one of those “it only happens once in a lifetime” days, when I get to see my daughter attend the same church where I started off as an infant myself. Now, I’ve got my own kid starting off the road to a Godly legacy.

Everybody was just thrilled and all over her when she came to church. My mom really lived up to the “lola” role, always wanting to carry Chelsey in her arms every moment she could steal her from my arms. My dad, the proud “lolo” was all talk and bragging every time the church members pass by to take a peek at my daughter. My sister was also there, making sure she’d be around to hear comments about how Chelsey has her resemblance (tita’s, you know?), while Tim comes along with a gang of his classmates from our Sunday School, telling them how he’s now a tito.

As for the dad, well, suffice it to say everybody finally got convinced that Chelsey did take most of her features from me. But that would mean, as some would say, that when she’s all grown up, she’ll start looking more like her mom.

That’s fine. Nothing much will change, I guess.


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