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Lose and Shed: The Weight Reduction Challenge

This is really it–I’m out on a quest to finally lose weight and shed off those inches on my tummy for the next five months!

As a prelude to my goal of trimming down, I already finished 31 days off the supposed 6-month program. I wanted to make sure first I was on the right track before deciding to publicize my “adventure.” Thus far, after 29 days, I have already shed off an inch from my tummy, and 10 lbs. off my body weight. The results only prove I’m on the right track, and all I need to do is to double what I have been doing if ever I want to slash more days off my remaining time frame. Perhaps posting my weight-loss quest-slash-challenge online will give extra motivation (and obligation) for me to fulfill my goal.

I see the next five months to be a piece of cake now for me. The last 31 days have been more of an experimental period for me to find out which diet and exercise program will work. I found out that the exercise system I am following right now has done a great job of taking away those 10 lbs. But it’s with the diet program that I was quite inconsistent. Actually, I was the only one who devised my own diet program. Turns out I was doing more of starving rather than trimming myself in a healthy manner.

Last week a former student of mine e-mailed me a diet program that helped him lose 20 lbs in just 21 days. He did twice that what I had done in 2/3 the time I spent. Just in time, I received a copy of the diet program he followed just as I am about to finish my first month of shaping up. And I am committed to following this new program.

I will not promise anything. If there’s one thing I know for sure, I’ve been through a lot of attempts to lose and shed. And I’ve failed just as many times. That I am here, posting about what I am about to do, only means the last attempt I had at losing weight didn’t work. Hopefully this one (finally!) will do the trick.

I’ll see you after a week here in our blog, and I’ll tell you if I got more pounds off with the new diet I’m following. If it works, you’ll hear from me soon.


One response

  1. ang_manunusok

    Kuya, thanks for reminding! time to workout!!!

    February 21, 2011 at 3:14 PM

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