Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Blog Ratings Are Up the Stat Charts

I just want to personally thank all our regular and chance blog viewers for keeping the stat charts hot since March came in!

We’ve been averaging no less than 50 views per day since March 1, and not lower than 40 since we got our blog a new look and format. The tags, new categories, and even the new feature of the blog theme (the slideshow), has helped a lot in keeping our stats above the usual. Fact is, the blogsite has never experienced such rise in the stats since July last year. This past week has been easily the hottest week of the year so far. And I’m sure, with more stories and post up ahead for our viewers, the stats can go up higher some more.

Please stay tuned with us everyday for the entire month of March, most especially this week, as celebrates two years of blogging!

If you’re one among the many avid readers of this blog, please make your presence felt by jotting down a comment at the end of this page. I would greatly appreciate your continued viewership of this blog!


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