Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

The New Lola and Tita

I have only 15 minutes left before the day turns from Monday to Tuesday. I promised to keep the bloglines going and kicking for each day of March.

So, here’s a last minute attempt at keeping that promise.

Let me feature here the two other girls of my life.

My mom, who at 49, is now a loving (and fast-becoming, a possessive) grandmother.

My sister, whose bragging rights rest on the fact that she, being my immediate look-alike, is where Chelsey got her features.

And of course Chelsey–the center of their new world as lola and tita.

These three look perfect in the picture above, taken during a family lunch-out at Burgoo’s MOA. My mom and sister tells me they’re enjoying Chelsey so much.

I say, I enjoy as much seeing them enjoy their new found source of happiness and joy.

Looking at my mom how holds Chelsey in her loving arms, I can just imagine how she held me once during my time as a baby. I wish I had enough memory of that stored in my head to remember what it felt like to be caressed like my daughter now enjoys. And with a tita like my sister, I’m sure my daughter will have someone else guarding her (or, should I say, teaching her about life’s…. hmmmmm?), making sure she grows prim and proper (I suppose) like her.

Here’s a post to my mom and sister–the other girls of my life.


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