Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Chelsey Grace: The (Dreaded) Bed Fall

Cess and I were jolted out of our slumber last Saturday morning when we heard the horrifying and helpless wail of Chelsey from the floor of our house. Every sleeping father’s fear had happened–she managed to crawl out of our bed, get past our guards on her, and fell flat on her back on the vinyl-covered concrete.

We immediately picked her up, got some cold compress on her head, checked if she had any serious injuries, and tried to pacify her. Obviously, the last part was the hardest–it took us around ten minutes to calm her down. We did everything to take away whatever was hurting on her, but nothing prevailed. It had to be her to finally become peaceful and quiet.

We didn’t take our chances on what she didn’t obviously incur from her fall, so we went to the hospital to get her checked up. The doctor checked on her motor-neuron responses, and she was fine. In fact, Chelsey had started laughing when the physician began examining her. We were there for half an hour just to make sure everything was fine. The doctor, however, did not take anything for granted and had recommended that if something unusual starts to happen to Chelsey in the next three days, we should go back and have a CT Scan, just to be sure that nothing serious inside the head happened.

Later that night, after choir, Cess and I did a “simulation.” We left Chelsey on her own to move around the bed, and we started placing pillows on the floor where she fell that morning. After 15 minutes, the same thing happened, but this time, I was there to catch my daughter. Based on that “falling experiment” Chelsey had crawled backwards from the bed to the edge, causing her to fall with her bottom first, before losing her balance, causing her entire body to fall flat on the floor.

For me, I guess, the scenes of that Saturday morning will never leave me for the rest of my life. After all, that was Chelsey’ first ever fall from the bed. I just hope nothing bad really happened in her. I would assume, with her now smiling, kicking and moving around, she’s fine.


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