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Injuries Can Cost Spurs Playoff Bid

First Tim Duncan. Then, Manu Ginobili.

Just now, Tony Parker.

The San Antonio Spurs, after cruising to the best record in the league for 68 games, are now in danger of losing grip to the top spot, now with their big three players all in the injuries list. Duncan came down first with a sprained ankle two weeks ago, before Manu also came down with a left quad contusion. And today, in their home game against Portland, Parker is a DND also due to a left quad contusion.

Health has been a key factor why the Spurs are the top team this season, especially for their three all-star players. Now with the three players nursing injuries, guys like Tiago Splitter, Matt Bonner, James Anderson and George Hill have been pushed into the starting line-up with Richard Jefferson, the only remaining starter for the team. DeJuan Blair has been slid down as the first off the bench to provide the needed spark from the substituting units of the Spurs. Gary Neal and Steve Novak are the other crucial cogs that will help sustain the team as they wage the next 9 games, four of which will be played on the road.

The Spurs have already dropped three straight games since Duncan got injured. All three games were incurred on the road. But while coming back home is nothing like any for San Antonio, the fact remains that the three big players of the Spurs won’t be suiting up to defend their house. Now, the championship readiness of the number one team will be put to the test against a playoff contender that is perceived by many to be the most probable to pull an upset.

The Spurs definitely have their backs against the wall right now.


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