Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

The Annoyance That Is The NBA Lockout

The harsh reality has finally bitten two days ago–the NBA did not open as expected last November 1 due to the ensuing lockout between the owners and the players.

That means one less sports feature in cable sports channels.

That means one less source for sports news writers.

As for me, that means one less source of motivation to keep on blogging.

The truth is, it always helps to have a story to write about, especially for those coming from a country whose people are largely followers of basketball. At this time of the year, college hoops here in the Philippines have long concluded, and the pro-level basketball games here don’t carry as much hype as those in the collegiate. It is for these and many more other reasons that the NBA is expected to be rolling during this time.

But for lack of amicable agreements between the owners and their players, opening night will have to wait. That means this season will forever have a footnote accompanying it, and everything else that will transpire in whatever stretch of games it can hold from the time the season finally gets to kick-off until June.

Still, this season’s lockout is not hopeless…yet. It still is a far cry from the last time a lockout occured in the NBA 13 years ago. But as each day comes and goes without any settlement being agreed upon, the more this lockout takes a semblance of its recent precedent, if not a full copy of it. Everybody is hoping that by Christmas, we’ll be hearing Spaldings dribbling on the hardwood, swishing through nets, and rolling across the full court.

From this humble blogger to every agitated but expectant fan of the NBA, we’re hoping for the best, and expecting the worst.


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