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John “Walled”


The Washington Wizards just lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves, 93-72, making them, so far, the only team left without a win after two weeks of NBA basketball. They’re 0-8 right now.

I don’t usually do blogs about their team, neither am I in the habit of highlighting the teams getting whipped at by others. I just decided to put this one up after watching this video about their prized 1st overall pick, John Wall.

So, if science can explain why he’s the number one pick of his class, can science also explain why his team, so far, is dead last in the standings?

The stats on Wall is the best thing there is on being scientific about his performance as the Wizards’ guard. For a position expected to be the best ball handler, Wall ranked second in turnovers per game overall. His player efficiency rating (a player’s per-minute production) is 15.6, while the league’s average is 15. He is a mere 33% at field goal percentage, and has not yet shown sharpness from beyond the arc, a basic necessity for a point guard to truly be called a good one. An analysis by Tom Boswell helps to create a picture of how John Wall has been faring so far.

If ever you’re not getting this blog right, let me help you: we’re not crucifying Wall for whatever hole Washington is right now. It’s just that, it seems, maybe Wall is getting the wrong impression about himself as the “leader” of the Wizards. To have dropped this low in the standings, notwithstanding the season is already air-tight, Wall and the Wizards maybe could use a little jolt of cynicism to their way of playing which could, if taken properly, could help salvage them out of the bottom of the standings. Lest we forget, Wall is just into his second year of playing in the NBA. He still has a lot to learn.

The most important of which is to realize that he has a lot to learn.


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