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Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 30

There are some things that I don’t understand with how some of our government officials are making decisions and policies.

Take the case, for example, the ongoing impeachment trial against Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

When the president decided to gear the nation towards this direction, it seemed that the government is trying to make an impression that it stands against any and all forms of corruption in all levels of public service. The trial, whether it be in the senate court room, or in the public venue, takes upon it a cloak of moral fortitude, or in the very least the pursuit of it. It seems every other news item and event that has transpired since the impeachment trial commenced is but a mere footnote to the ongoing proceedings.

But after 24 days, and millions of pesos spent already, has there been really any significant progress?

I highly doubt it.

And while I am no political expert, my being a voter, I believe, entitles me to this opinion–that this whole impeachment trial has done nothing but to waste the precious money of our taxpayers.

To which fellow critics would pose a rebuttal “so what do you suggest?”

If I may… here is my suggestion:

Get the Freedom of Information Bill approved.

I remember myself inside the Batasan Hall during the last day of the previous congress. The FOI Bill was in the verge of getting approved. All it needed was a formality of vote-taking in the plenary. But from out of nowhere this congressman raises a question on the quorum, and in a seeming act of conspiracy, the vote was not taken, and the bill was killed.

I remember the former sixth district Congressman Benny Abante, the strongest proponent of the bill on floor, with all the strength he could muster, issued a strong warning that if this bill were to be denied its due approval, ultimately the nation will suffer more years of enduring the pangs of corruption that will remain unaddressed for as long as the government is not equipped with the right weapon to curb it. Cong. Abante, for sure, knows what he is talking about–as a pastor and leader of pastors for decades, he has stood himself behind his sacred pulpit to declare a divine war against corruption of the human heart. With a chance of doing the same, this time behind the rostrum of the House of Representatives, Cong. Abante, together with his fellow advocates of righteous governance, stood with hope that the bill would find its way in the noble laws of our nation, thereby proving our nation’s commitment against corruption.

Alas, the clamour fell on deaf ears.

A mere technicality rendered the killing strike to the bill which could have been the key to finally solving the issue our nation now faces. The nation is fast growing tired of the proceedings that have literally overshadowed more important issues like the plight of our brothers in the Visayas area who were struck by earthquake; of the rainstorms and flash floods that have crippled places like Quezon and Bicol; of the growing violence among our youth, the most recent of which has been the death of a student due to hazing.

And now the president took to the stage a few days ago to herald his administration’s support for the FOI bill to be approved. At such a time as this? I may be an optimist, but I must definitely stretch my optimism a whole lot further by saying that the approval of this bill ain’t too late yet. I am just hoping that our lawmakers would act as quickly as they rushed to bring the impeachment complaint up to the senate in getting this bill approved.

At the very least, Congressman Abante, together with the host of other lawmakers wanting to establish righteous rule in the nation, would finally be vindicated.


L.I.N.: Legend In New york

You must have seen those movies where a bench-warming player of a stinking basketball team stumbles upon a magical pair of rubber shoes, tries them on, and all of a sudden, becomes an overnight all-star phenomena on the basketball court.

And so, for lack of a really logical explanation, this fictional storyline might sell as the reason for Jeremy Lin’s amazing rise.

Just now Lin and the Knicks won their fifth straight game, 100-98 over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Despite the low percentage by Lin tonight, shooting only 8-for-24, he still led the team with 20 points and 8 assists. After eclipsing a classic performance by Kobe Bryant, Lin has seemingly now taken the attention of the world away from Ricky Rubio, who was on the other end of the court against him tonight. Rubio only scored 12 and made 8 assists.

In just one week, Lin has swept the basketball world unlike anyone has done in the history of the league. Officially, Lin now has a record of his own, the player with the highest cumulative points in his first three games as a starter for any team. From being an anonymous, Lin now has 179,000+ followers in Twitter. Fans at Madison Square Garden have made cut-out masks of his face. His image is now the banner for the official website of the New York Knicks. Soon, jerseys bearing his name and number will be selling hot like pancakes. And writers like me will be haggling for new ways to give him a cool monicker.

But if his amazing play isn’t impressing you, his character should. A professing Christian, Lin’s motto in his twitter account is “to know Him and to make Him known.” During an interview, Lin said that he wanted to become a pastor or a missionary to a foreign field. And his actions actually speak louder than his words. You will never hear him bragging about his recent feats, but instead offering praises and admiration for everyone surrounding him. He maintains a low profile life, not really excited much about the limelight of the fame he had just recently earned. For all its worth, Lin’s egotistic behavior is as small as his surname.

These days, Madison Square Garden has become an exciting arena once again, thanks to their new legend. New Yorkers now have a reason to be happy once more.

And  perhaps kids have more reason now to suspect their rubber shoes could be magical.


My wife was telling me just earlier how impressed she is with Jeremy Lin. I wondered a bit, because she never really gets to catch the NBA games at all, and so I asked her what made her say that.

“He got you to blogging again!” she said.

And she’s definitely right.

Ever since I came home from my two-month trip abroad, I needed to settle myself once again with the grind of my life here. And so it took me this long to finally bolt out of my hiatus and finally start blogging away. And believe it or not, this flatline would have persisted a few more weeks had this week not happened for Jeremy Lin.

That’s because nobody really paid serious attention to Jeremy Lin before this week.

And for a few good reasons why, actually: he was undrafted from Harvard, a school whose last representative to the NBA was 58 years ago. He only played 29 games in 2010 for the Golden State Warriors. In that season, he only averaged 2.6 points per game and 1.4 assists, in a team that had Steph Curry commanding the floor. He has been in and out of the NBA D-League, a more tactful way of saying ‘you’re not yet an asset for our team. Get to learn some more.’ And he is just another Knick player, lost in the scramble to fight for time in a team that had Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, the two perceived deliverers of the slumping franchise.

When Anthony went down with an injury, and Stoudemire out due to family reasons, the Knicks seemed to have consigned the remainder of the season to the flames. Coach Mike D’Antoni must have been drafting already a resignation speech just in case someone in the higher ups thought of sacking him as coach. And the team was in a miserable standing at 8-15.

This was the world when Jeremy Lin was chosen to start for New York.

And then everything changed.

Since Lin started for New York, they have won all four games. It all started for Lin on February 4, 2012, when he first played as a New York starter, scoring 25 points, grabbing 5 rebounds, and dishing out 7 assists (against only 1 turnover) in a 99-92 Knicks victory over the Nets. Proving it was no fluke, Lin had 28 points and eight assists vs. Utah on the 6th of February, topping the previous high he attained.Two nights later against Washington, Lin had 23 points and 10 assists.

On the eve of the Knicks’ game against the LA Lakers, Kobe Bryant made it very clear–he did not recognize Jeremy Lin and what he has done so far.

On February 10, 2012, Lin scored a new career high 38 points and had seven assists, leading the Knicks in their victory over the Los Angeles Lakers with a score of 92–85.

Kobe ended up eating his own words, replacing it with praises for the new kid on the block.

Thrill-Lin indeed!

And, more importantly, he is a man of faith. He has a testimony of God’s grace upon his life, and that has been the basis of his humility and diligence when it comes to his career as a basketball player.

But, of course, we’re not pressuring the kid just yet–it’s been just four games as a starter for Lin, after all. One of these days, Lin will be every player’s target. Even still, we’ve already seen what this kid is and what he’s capable of. And for sure, it will just get better from that point on.

Be ready to thrilled by this thrill-Lin’ player!