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Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 30: Special Feature on RA 9994

I was standing in line next to a senior citizen in a drug store. He was counting his coins, as if trying to check if they’d be enough to buy the medicines on the doctor’s prescription he was holding. I tried to help him by asking the other people in the line if we could get him to go first. The people gave in heartily.

When we got to the counter, the cashier asked for the old man’s senior citizen’s ID, but the old man said he left his ID but brought with him his SSS ID. The cashier rejected the offer and said that only senior citizens’ ID are the only ones accepted in their store.

Good thing I was reading the newspaper the other day.

I came to the rescue of the old man and explained to the cashier the provisions of RA 9994 or the Senior Citizens’ Act of 2010, which was authored by former Manila 6th District Congressman Bienvenido “Benny” Abante. According to the provision, a senior citizen does not necessarily have to present his or her senior citizens’ ID to avail of the services and privileges entitled to them. They would only need to present any valid ID that would certify that they are age-qualified as senior citizens (that is, 60 and/or above).

The cashier, who was trying to outsmart me, pointed into their store’s signboard where it says “senior citizens’ cards accepted here,” which, for her, meant that only such ID’s were accepted and not any other if senior citizens were to avail of the benefits. The lady was fast testing me to my limits of tolerance for intolerant people like here.

Thanks to technology, I was able to go online through my mobile, and showed her the special report written by Malaya columnist Ducky Paredes where he was discussing with Congressman Abante the salient features of the Senior Citizen’s Act. Knowing that she was fast running into an inescapable corner of losing to my line of thought, she called her manager to her side to rescue her.

The drug store manager came to check what was wrong, and her employee started doing the talking, thinking that she could still maneuver her way out of the mess and make a fool out of me. But, alas, I was heavily prepared for that fray, and I engaged in a slugfest of factual debate. For each explanation that the manager said, I had the appropriate answer for a rebuttal.

At the end, the informed consumer prevailed.

As I was walking out of that drug store, I felt both happy and sad–happy because I was able to help the old man buy his medicines, but sad because that encounter made me realize how many more establishments and old folks in our country are unfortunately unaware of the provisions of the Senior Citizens’ Act. It was a good thing that I was reading the newspaper, and by chance I was the guy standing next to a man who would have missed the benefits afforded to him by law if he was standing beside someone else who did not know any better.

I thus decided to write this as my own simple way of disseminating this very important law in our country that provides the best kind of benefits and services to our old folks. If you come to think of it, all of us either have old folks to care for, or we’re all waiting for that day when we become one. I kind of felt lucky that day, because of all the days that I would pick up a newspaper, I picked up Malaya, and of all the sections I chose to read, I read the one by Ducky Paredes, and of all the people he had a good talk with, it was the very principal author of the Senior Citizens Act, Dr. Benny Abante, Jr.

And of all the people that I came to stand next in line with, it was an old man that would later come to need everything that I had the good chance of reading and knowing of.

This is just wishful thinking, but I hope that old folk could get to meet Congressman Abante, and thank him personally for the bill. After all, it wasn’t really me who did the real help, but the author of the law that provided help for him.


2 responses

  1. clemente

    The principal author of RA 9994 is Sen. Loren Legarda
    Senior Citizens can only avail the 20% discount for medicines purchases supported by a doctor’s prescription in the name of a senior citizen.

    Ref. IRR of RA Act. 9994, Rule IV Article 7 Section 1(a)

    November 4, 2013 at 7:14 AM

    • rcandcess

      Yes, Senator Legarda is the principal author as senate counterpart. Cong. Abante is the counterpart in the HOR.

      November 4, 2013 at 10:04 AM

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