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Fading Stars Too Soon? On Lin’s Waning Glow and Rubio’s Injury

Was it just coincidence that two of the brightest and rising stars that we particularly featured in this blog… are fading?

I’m talking about the sudden drop that the New York Knicks have experienced since Linsanity happened, and the season-ending injury incurred by Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio. As of this writing, the Knicks are playing away from home against current MVP Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls, hoping snap a five-game slide since All-Star break. The Wolves, on the other hand, will be hoping for a savior in some other form than the young Spanish phenom, whose ACL was torn during a game against the Lakers.

But let’s be clear on one thing though–we’re not consigning the bright futures of these two stars to the flames already. All we’re saying is that just when things were hyping up for them, all of a sudden, something devastating, or at the very least frustrating, comes along their way to dampen the prospects of a good career ahead of them. With the effect of the lockout already limiting these two guys some playing time to shine brightest, they still have to tackle the pressure put on them, whether consciously or subconsciously, by their fans and franchises, as well as the growing stiff competition as the season nears playoff mode.

Perhaps what we, and all of these two players’ fans, are concerned about is that the timing can’t be worse, and that peaking for them might have come way too early. If only they did not flash the brilliant performances that they did early into the season, there wouldn’t be much regret or frustration in the part of their followers and respective teams. But with all of these happening, all of us wishing for a happy ending for Lin and Rubio are suddenly snapped back to reality–a reality that reminds us how fairly unfair basketball life can be.

But hoping is still and will always be allowed for us. And so we hope. Hope that just as things turned from good to bad, it will take a reversal of fortunes. Otherwise, we’ll need to look up to the skies once more for new stars to discover.


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