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Of Jerseys and Loyalties: The NBA Mid-Season Trade Postscripts

Dramas. Loyalties. Reunions. End of eras.

But also, among other things, a story of jersey swaps and stays.

Over the last 24 hours, the NBA Mid-Season Trade drama saw the likes of Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol staying put to don their current jerseys for the remainder of the season (at least, for the time being). It also saw the end of Derek Fisher wearing a gold-and-purple, and will now be heading to Houston after 13 sessions and five championships with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. And it also saw Stephen Jackson’s return to his old San Antonio jersey, after being dealt by Golden State in exchange for Richard Jefferson (Golden State had been part of an earlier trade with Milwaukee, which also sent Andrew Bogut to Oracle).

Howard has been the face of the trade rumor mill for the past months. His flip-flopping between opting in or opting out had everyone hanging up to the last minute, awaiting if he will be switching jerseys for the very first time in his NBA career. Now that he’s staying put, every team that thought of chasing the big man are left with two options–stay with their current roster, or shake up their line-up, if they have the trading chips to do so.

Pau’s tweet update about his status can’t be any more clearer as a reflection of how hard it really can become when you’re body is on the floor but your mind is somewhere else. Now that, at least for the rest of the season, his future is certain, Gasol, and every one else who fought through the trade tribulation, can finally get back on the court and start playing seriously.

Now, it’s time to move on.

Next stop: the playoffs.

For more details on the recent trade, check out the  NBA Trade Deadline Tracker.


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