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The San Antonio Spurs: From Aging to Raging!

They just beat the surging Boston Celtics on the road, 87-86. They are now on a 9-game winning streak. They just closed in to the number one team in the West (OKC), just behind one game for the top spot, and is leading by as much as four-and-a-half games ahead of the number three LA Lakers. They’re one win away from clinching their 14th consecutive playoff berth, the longest current playoff appearance streak, and could be in the history of the NBA.

So, what about these Spurs’ huh?

A few months ago, people have been dismissing them as old, outdated and outworked by the up and coming new teams. But the results will bear the Spurs out–they have won their series against OKC and with the Denver Nuggets (their possible match-up of the playoffs started today). And they have been stepping up in their strategies on both ends on the floor. Just the other night, a newbie in the neighborhood by the name of Patty Mills, topscored during their game against the Cavaliers. New guys in the block like Danny Green and Kahwi Leonard have been taking more important roles in the rotation. Putting Manu Ginobili back into his former role as first man of the bench has enabled his team to win better without him getting more tired. And the recent acquisitions of Stephen Jackson and Boris Diaw has further deepened the Spurs.

And, it has also bolstered their bid for the championship.

On that regard, let’s all just wait and see–after all, they still got a few more days to prepare.

And now the question: are the Spurs aging, or are they raging?


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