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Oo Nga Naman 56

(I think it’s just proper that we start off our blogging duties with a light dose of humor. So, let’s do this.)

A snail was on the witness stand after he accused a gang of turtles who mugged him.

When the lawyer squirrel asked what happened, the snail said:

“I… doooon’t… actualllllly… ….rrrrrremmmmmemberrrr…. Be… cause… it… happppppened… sooooo… faaaaast.”


Testing… Testing… Sound check…

Ummm… is this thing on?

Oh, there you go.


…where were we?

Oh, yes of course…


Finally, after more than half a year of being out of the loop (or at least from this loop), we finally got to squeeze a little time to put this one entry up on the blogosphere. Yes, yes, I’m well aware of how long ago I last posted. And if my memory serves me right, the last time I blogged here, Dolphy was still alive.

So, what happened?

Honestly, I don’t know.

But, aren’t we all glad to finally have this place up and running again? And just in time, with the year just three weeks old, we finally got this flight off the ground to fly online.

And of course, how can I forget to offer apologies to the folks who have been sorely missing their daily dose of insightful blogging from this side of the net. Please do understand; droughts of thoughts happen even to the best of us.

But that is all over now. This is a new year, and so that means a new set of adventures and blessed experiences awaiting us.

So, thank you for hanging on with me here.

Please tell the followers who have left us…

…we’re back.

And hopefully, for a good, long while.