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Amazing Talent: The Korean Kids Guitar Quintet

Somebody get these kids a plane ticket out of NoKor and into some international talent show. Believe me, they’ll end up winning. Watch out why.


Music for the Soul: Christian Jazz Guitarist Walter Rodrigues

As a guitarist, I’ve always loved to watch and learn from the best guitarists, especially the ones who forte on gospel music. One of them is Christian Jazz guitarist Walter Rodrigues.

I like the way he renders the gospel hymns of old in his jazz guitar. Although I’m not much for Christian Jazz, the guitar renditions Walter has done are a soothing and relaxing set. I most definitely love his rendition of “Great is They Faithfulness.” It’s only now that I’m featuring his videos here on the blog.

Enjoy some of the best renditions from Walter Rodrigues here:

Gospel Music Review: The Cathedral Quartet

We kick off our music review series with a look-back at one of the most successful Southern Gospel quartets in the Gospel music world–the Cathedral Quartet.

The Cathedral Quartet started in 1963, not as a quartet, but as a trio. Glen Payne, Bobby Clark and Danny Koker composed the trio that usually performed for meetings and services at the Cathedral of Tomorrow, pastored by Rex Humbard. A year later, they added bass singer George Younce. Five years later, Payne and Younce decided to establish the quartet with its own business identity.

In the years that followed, the Cathedrals went through difficult times. Quartet members who usually filled the tenor and baritone parts came and went. It was only in the early 70’s that the quartet had a more stable line-up. Roy Tremble (tenor) and George Amon Webster (baritone) had a lengthier stint with the team compared to the ones that went before them. By 1979, the quartet had gained more popularity thanks to their frequent appearances with Bill Gaither’s Praise Gathering shows.

The final, and perhaps the more well known line-up of the Cathedrals included Younce, Payne, tenor singer Ernie Haase and baritone Scott Fowler. This line-up lasted almost a decade from 1990 to 1999, when the quartet finally retired, shortly after Glen Payne succumbed to cancer.

For 35 years, the Cathedral Quartet produced a total of 73 albums, not including the compilations of their best rendered songs. They’ve won several Singing News Fan Awards for both the group and several individual performances of each of their members. Songs such as “Boundless Love,” “Moving Up to Gloryland,” “Old Convention Song,” “The Last Sunday,” “Champion of Love,” “Oh, What A Savior,” “We Shall See Jesus,” and “This Old House,” are just some of the so many songs and hymns made popular by the powerful, soul stirring singing of the Cathedral Quartet.

Enjoy some of their music here once again!


I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but check out this guy and judge for yourself if this guy’s for real. An all-American musician from Hoboken, New Jersey, is passionately, and almost accurately singing OPM songs!