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IMG_1275Three decades. Wow.

Yesterday a churchmate-friend gave me a DVD copy of all the pictures that I had with my former congregation in Cavite. It was a 16-minute presentation of all the snapshots the members over there had of me. As I was watching I saw several pictures that I myself was surprised to see. It kind of reminded me that time passes by so fast you forget how much wonderful memories you have made along the way.

Memories that, for the most part, remind you of God’s goodness on your life.

And indeed, God has been very, very good to me. All that I have in this life are undeserved, and it is only by His mercy and grace that I was made a recipient of it all. From having a wonderful family, a fulfilling ministry as a full-time staff, the fellowship of fellow believers, the sweet company of my friends from everywhere, to the material blessings I have, which I’d have to say is the least of God’s blessings, I should say I can never ask for anything more.

But actually, I do.

On this third decade of my life, I pray that God would use me to be a bigger, better channel of blessing to other people. I pray that as He continues to mold and make me after His will, that I will always be a yielding clay, acknowledging that He alone knows what is best for me. That, I believe, would be a good wish today.

So, once again to everyone who may have found it blessed to have me around as a part of their life, thank you. And may God continue to allow me to be a blessing to you… today and for the rest of my lifetime.



FINALLY: UP Snaps Losing Streak (and many others) with Win over UE

Many blogging days ago, an incident happened to me that made me decide to abandon this blog for a while. I knew back then that this leave I decided to take from posting was just temporary, but for how long was something I haven’t made up my mind about. This was around the time my favorite NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs, was ousted from contention by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Somehow, the Spurs’ ouster not only heightened my temporary distaste for blogging, but it also served as the connection to what I would later decide to be the compelling reason to get back to blogging. I made up my mind back then that I will go back to blogging only when another of my favorite basketball team would finally get its first win of the season.

The UP Fighting Maroons.

And for six games since tip off of UAAP 75, I was always on the verge of finally bolting out of hiatus to finally fire away with blogging. But each time ended in heartbreaks for me, as my alma mater’s basketball squad always ended up short (as in two points, three points, four points short) of finally winning.

Just this afternoon, the UP Fighting Maroons barged into the win column with a 63-48 win over the UE Red Warriors.


*sigh of relief*

A lot of things were snapped by that win–six straight losses by the Maroons this season, fifteen straight losses dating back to August of last year, and 112 days of silence in this blogsite, the longest hiatus I have ever taken since this blog was born.

The last time I blogged, Jeremy Lin was still a Knick, LeBron James haven’t won a championship, and Dwight Howard was still a Magic.

The hunger has finally been satisfied, both for my favorite college hoops team, and my blog followers.

Sorry and thank you, guys.

I really want to go, but I realized 112 days of silence has actually rusted me down. So, with your indulgence, allow me to pick up my pace in the next few weeks, until every thing here’s fully settled.

For sure, the next few blogs here will be hinted with a flavor of UAAP basketball, particularly UP Basketball.

For now, relish on the fact that, finally we’re back.




Try looking for a full bundle of yellow pad. Divide it length-wise into two. On the left, try writing down all of what you need or want in life. On the right, try writing down all of the things you can be thankful of.

Now, before you do this, start on the rightside first.

You’ll find out that not only will the list of thanksgivings outnumber the list of wants and needs, but you’ll also learn that the more things you are thankful to God for, the less you think of the things you would want to ask of Him.

And at some point of your growth in life, you might see yourself just writing on the right-side of the paper.

I know this to be true.

For indeed God has been so good to me and my family. He has blessed me despite my unworthiness. He has blessed me more than I can even imagine. And he has blessed me, to teach me that nothing can replace the success that comes by way of humility and submission, especially to His will for our lives.

I thank the Lord for all of the things that He has given me. Looking back at the last 29 years, I know for a fact that He has not, does not, and will not ever fail, just as I know for a fact that many times I have done so to Him. And yet He’s been and will always be faithful to me.

This day marks the 29th time the Lord has seen fit to lend me this gift of life, and all the blessings and challenges that come with it. By His grace, I’ll try and do my best to make each day lent to me to count for Him.

And to all the people God used to be a channel of blessing to me–my wife, daughter, my parents, my Senior Pastor and father in the faith, my fellow-laborers in the full-time staff, church family, closest friends, acquaintances, students, and every one else I had the chance of meeting–thank you all for being a part of my life, some in small ways, and some in very big ways. Surely, I will not be who I am because of God and all of you.

My prayer is that God would continue to give me a teachable and pliant heart and spirit, that I may continue to grow more and become a better person. Like every one else, I am still a project of God under construction. And I am enjoying every moment of Him teaching me His Word, will and way in my life.

I always say this, “If ever you still wake up today, that only means God isn’t finished with you yet, and the best has yet to come for you!”

God bless you guys!

Three-mendous! Our Blogsite Turns 3 Years Old

(Preface: It was a fully loaded day yesterday, and so we actually missed one day blogging, and right on the very day that this blog turns 4. I apologize for that, folks. Nonetheless, here we are, with a few minutes of this day to slip a moment of blogging. And so we fire away.) turned 3 yesterday! It was in 2008 when I started blogging from a gasoline station somewhere along Aguinaldo Highway in Imus, Cavite. And since then, we have served out 538 posts under 16 categories and 222 tags, received 425 comments, and spammed by 9,024 unknown identities (I wanted to include this figure for fun’s sake). Amazing!

Here now is a rundown of all the top posts and other figures for the past year:

The most viewed file for this year is:

Earthquake Safety Precautionary Measures » earthquake-next-one-photo-rtre2o5-sw

This is actually a link connected to a photo from the National Geographic on a devastated highway during an earthquake. It got 5,792 views the past year.

The most viewed blog post is:

UAAP Season 74 Finals Preview: Ateneo vs. FEU

One of our most followed blog items are those for the UAAP. In fact the second most viewed blog post to this one is a UAAP post from season 72!

The word EARTHQUAKE brought in 4,885 views to our site for the past year. Funny, the second most searched word that brought viewers to our blog was the word PANGET.

Now with a way find out where in the world are our viewers coming from, our blog has been viewed in 45 countries in the world. Aside from the Philippines and US, our other viewers were from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Brunei Darussalam.

Still, our top commenter of all time is our fellow blogger and fellow rusher Specialist Joe. Please check out his blog as well!

I don’t know how it happened, but even with only four blog posts for the month, the month of September 2011 was the busiest month in the past year. One reason could be the championship game between Ateneo and FEU for UAAP S74.

As of today, has been viewed 57,066 times since it was born!

Once again, thank you everyone for patronizing this humble blog.It is always a joy to see our stat charts telling us that we are bringing people insightful and inspiring bits that have been helpful for them. We look forward to more years of joy and happiness through our blog!

I Love You Very March!

The month we’ve all been waiting for is here!

Well… at least, for me.

We’re bringing to you the best of the best as RC and Cess’ blog turns three this month! Let every one else keep the flames from burning this fire prevention month, but for the rest of us, we’re going to light ablaze each and every day of the month with posts, pictures and stories that will keep you wanting the next day to come.

As always, we will be naming the top post and other entries for the year, as well as give our annual report (wow, parang declaration of SALN lang, no?) to get to see who saw what and when.

One thing new, though, is that we have a new blog site also, Snap and Write, my recently created photo-poetry blog. Please do visit the site for you lovers of photography and poetry.

And of course, the last day of the month is reserved for the entry that always bears roman numeral numbers for a blog title.

So, we invite you to join us for the next 30 days of fun-filled blogging here at RC and Cess!

The Annoyance That Is The NBA Lockout

The harsh reality has finally bitten two days ago–the NBA did not open as expected last November 1 due to the ensuing lockout between the owners and the players.

That means one less sports feature in cable sports channels.

That means one less source for sports news writers.

As for me, that means one less source of motivation to keep on blogging.

The truth is, it always helps to have a story to write about, especially for those coming from a country whose people are largely followers of basketball. At this time of the year, college hoops here in the Philippines have long concluded, and the pro-level basketball games here don’t carry as much hype as those in the collegiate. It is for these and many more other reasons that the NBA is expected to be rolling during this time.

But for lack of amicable agreements between the owners and their players, opening night will have to wait. That means this season will forever have a footnote accompanying it, and everything else that will transpire in whatever stretch of games it can hold from the time the season finally gets to kick-off until June.

Still, this season’s lockout is not hopeless…yet. It still is a far cry from the last time a lockout occured in the NBA 13 years ago. But as each day comes and goes without any settlement being agreed upon, the more this lockout takes a semblance of its recent precedent, if not a full copy of it. Everybody is hoping that by Christmas, we’ll be hearing Spaldings dribbling on the hardwood, swishing through nets, and rolling across the full court.

From this humble blogger to every agitated but expectant fan of the NBA, we’re hoping for the best, and expecting the worst.

The Morning Rush @15!

ConGREATulations to Chico and Delamar for 15 years of fun, crazy, mornings with The Morning Rush!

It’s been eight years for me since I first tuned in to RX 93.1 one Friday morning, just after our departmental exams in UP. I was just trying to simmer down my wracked mind after the gruelling exam, and I stumbled upon what would eventually become a hard habit to break. It wasn’t long before I found myself spending 300 bucks a week (my allowance was just 400), just to keep my entries coming and getting into the top ten. Now, with a Rusher wife like me, and a daughter who might just end up like me, I take pride in saying that Chico, Delamar, and all the Rushers, silent or rowdy, are part of my family.

It’s not always that I get to tune in to TMR. The hectic demands of my divine calling take full precedence in my life. But when time (and cellphone load) permits, I occasionally join the morning craziness. And whether or not my name gets read on air, it’s all fine. As long as a clear radio signal connects me to the crazy guys on the RX booth, and the thousands of other crazy Rushers all across the world, I’ll be all good with it.

Words would perhaps fail to encapsulate all of what TMR has been for a lot of people. Suffice it to say, allow us today to just thank you, Chico and Delamar, for keeping it together for the last 15 years. Hopefully, when Chelsey’s old enough to own a phone, and witty enough to send a text via 2299 (kung uso pa yun by then), The Morning Rush will still be around to provide the funniest and wittiest four hours of the morning for her.

Happy anniversary, The Morning Rush!

Happy Birthday Cess!

I once asked God for a simple favor, way back when I was in first year college. I asked Him if, just for a sign that indeed He’s called me to be a full-time servant, He would give me a life-long partner that would fully understand the life of a surrendered servant. He did not just give me a life-long partner who understands the ministry–He gave me a life-long partner who is also in the ministry!

Today, Cess turns 30 years old. This is her second birthday with me as her husband, and her first as a mother to Chelsey. I thank God for allowing me to have someone that I can grow old with, who loves Him more than me, whose commitment, dedication, hard work, love, friendship and maturity are things that I can be most proud about her.

Poetic as I am, I still find it the hardest of tasks to render in words the descriptions that would best fit Cess. To even say that she is the most wonderful person in my life is a gross understatement. Nonetheless, I’ll make do with whatever I can grasp just to express to her how much he’s made my life as wonderful as it is now. My daily prayer to God is that He would protect and preserve her during the times that I’m not around. Surely, He will. After all, she is also a child of God. That I can be absolutely sure of.

Ga, thank you very much for being my best friend, prayer partner, loving wife, confidante and mother to our daughter. Your love is indeed a gift I always cherish in my life.

Have a happy, blessed and wonderful birthday ga! I love you so much!