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Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 8

Ten days after the first automated elections here in the country were done, the big question still remains: may nangyari nga ba talagang HOCUS-PCOS sa halalan natin?

Nito lang isang araw, may lumantad na witness na di-umano’y kasabwat sa isang grandiyosong plano para dayain ang halalan. Ayon kay “Robin” milyun-milyon raw ang perang bumuhos at ibinayad sa kanila upang makapandaya lamang sa mga PCOS Machines at mga balota na gagamitin sa halalan. Pinangalanan pa niya kung sinu-sinong mga kandidato ang nakaltasan ng boto at nakinabang ng dagdag na bilang dahil sa kanilang modus operandi. Sa huli, nagsabi pa siya na una’t huling paglantad na niya ito, dahil na rin sa takot niya para sa kanyang buhay at sa kanyang pamilya.

Subalit, sa kanyang paglantad, walang ipinakitang maliit na hibla ng ebidensya si “Robin” para patunayan ang kanyang patotoo. I may not know much about evidence gathering, but I’m more inclined to think that this guy is just looking for media attention, and not really revealing the truth about the alleged fraud that happened during the elections. A police friend of mine even commented that the guy has nothing to be afraid of as of the moment: after all, he hasn’t presented any strong evidence that can corroborate his claims, or that can alarm the politicians being accused in this case, to the point of them trying to shut up the witness. Sa madaling salita, kung wala ka namang ipapakitang hahabulin sa ‘yo, sinong dapat mong katakutan.

But what is scarier are the actual proofs that I have seen, pointing to possible fraud in our PCOS machines that were used in the elections. Last Monday morning, defeated Manila Mayoralty candidate Lito Atienza, together with his team, gave out photocopies of four to six election returns from Manila which are dated earlier than May 10. These copies point out that it was possible that the votes have already been entered into the machines as early as February and March of this year, and not the ones during election day. Other scrupulous data reveal that there were three clustered precints which had all the figures in them exactly the same. From the number of votes cast, number of votes for each candidate, all the way to the number of registered voters are exactly the same. But the barangay number and clustered precint are different.

The only problem here is that if there was fraud during the automated elections, then we have a bigger problem–election failure. And barely two months before a new president is to be declared, the COMELEC is still trying to resolve this big issue of credibility in the system they just used.

I just wished the people in authority to address this alarming issue, or even the people who had the power in their hands to make sure all these will come to pass smoothly and tamper-proof, were thinking very carefully at the repercussions that these anomalies can bring to our nation as a whole. I’m more inclined to think that, indeed, there were come hocus-pcos that happened last May 10.

It’s just that instead of giving us answers, we now have more questions than when everything was done manually.


The Volcanic ERAPtion

Frontrunning presidential candidates Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar should not look at this race as merely a one-on-one match between them. They should consider that, with 28 days left for the campaign, the other presidential wannabees are set to unravel their arsenal of election strategies that could give them a jolting scare.

More so if the candidate trailing them is the former president.

Of all the presidential candidates running for the highest public office of the land, only Erap Estrada has been there. While exiting from the presidency through a people’s revolution is not exactly his type of vodka bottle, the former, convicted, and pardoned president has done what no one else among the eight candidates has done. Noynoy Aquino has only gone so far as a resident of Malacanang, and that courtesy of his own mother. He has yet to win that official residency by virtue of a convincing win in the polls. Manny Villar has only gone so far as one among so many other guests in the Palace, but not yet as its official resident. The other candidates are nondescript.

But Erap, well, is a totally different story altogether.

In fact he is attempting to do what no other president has ever done before–to move back in to Malacanang, after being ousted. While history has perpetually sealed his mark in the annals of our nation, it is much of the voting populace who have short memories as to how controversial he was. That, if working to his advantage, and his unmatched charisma to the masses, might just propel him back to the presidency.

What will unveil in our nation in the next four weeks leading to the historic automated elections is set to become more interesting as the days pass bye. Keep your eyes peeled, ladies and gentlemen, for the next 28 days.

Who knows, the dormant volcano might just ERAP again.

Ironies 8

1. Ang kailangan natin sa darating na eleksyon eh yung mga kandidatong laging nakikita at nararamdaman ang presence ng mga kabayan niya. Dapat din alam niya ang mga nangyayari sa kanyang pamayanan, at napupulsuhan niya ang gusto ng taumbayan. At higit sa lahat dapat ang kanyang panahon ay walang kaagaw sa kanyang paglilingkod sa pamayanan.

In short, ang qualified tumakbo next year eh mga tambay, tsismoso at walang trabaho.

2. I grew up in one of the cities here in NCR. In one of the LRT posts in that city’s jurisdiction, a signboard was posted which said “bawal magtapon ng basura.” The following week, the last word of the post had been covered by a high pile of garbage.

3. I had a classmate who never cut classes. But due to the insistent prodding of some of his friends, he got to commit his first ever class cut since he entered high school. It was supposed to be his first.

Unfortunately, a non-teaching employee in the school saw them troop to the nearby computer station for a game. He told the department head about it, who then went to the shop and fetched the guys.

My classmate lost his candidacy for the honors, and he had to bring his parents over for some explanation before the guidance counselor and principal.

Apparently, it was also his last.

4. And today’s bad english story comes from one of my student’s essays on why Bonifacio ought to be our national hero:

“I believe that Andres Bonifacio should be the Philippines National hero, because he know the pulse of community peoples around him and her. He is also is from the poor people among them. He can feel the people’s needs and that’s what’s makes him a good national hero. Althrough Jose Rizal is intelligent brilliantly, he did never came from the poverty of people. But he’s okay, yes, he is I think.”

Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 1

A full-automation scheme for the 2010 elections is a long overdue necessity. I, for one, have had my own share of election insanity since 2001. And believe me when I say that our style of conducting elections–from the casting all the way to the canvassing of votes–is outrageously jurassic!

img00008I can’t see the point of contention of some politicians who argue against this planned move. They say that the full-automation scheme is also susceptible to human cheating. I say that’s just a subtle way of saying “hindi na kami makakapandaya pag nag-full automation na.

I think one public high school in Antipolo conducted their own school-level automated elections. The results were already being posted no more than an hour after the polling precints closed. Experts say that, although a high-level programming is required to cover at least the Metro Manila polls, automated elections are efficient in all points and can really deliver the results in no time. There’s no more need to pay excessively for pollwatchers, hire hulking security guards that will transport rusty, old ballot boxes, or book an entire stadium for the canvassing. The full-automation scheme will definitely time warp us from the primitive era to the real present pace.

Pero marami sa atin ang hindi lang nakalingon, pero nakatutok, sa pinaggalingan, kaya… ayun… hindi talaga makarating sa paroroonan.