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Testing… Testing… Sound check…

Ummm… is this thing on?

Oh, there you go.


…where were we?

Oh, yes of course…


Finally, after more than half a year of being out of the loop (or at least from this loop), we finally got to squeeze a little time to put this one entry up on the blogosphere. Yes, yes, I’m well aware of how long ago I last posted. And if my memory serves me right, the last time I blogged here, Dolphy was still alive.

So, what happened?

Honestly, I don’t know.

But, aren’t we all glad to finally have this place up and running again? And just in time, with the year just three weeks old, we finally got this flight off the ground to fly online.

And of course, how can I forget to offer apologies to the folks who have been sorely missing their daily dose of insightful blogging from this side of the net. Please do understand; droughts of thoughts happen even to the best of us.

But that is all over now. This is a new year, and so that means a new set of adventures and blessed experiences awaiting us.

So, thank you for hanging on with me here.

Please tell the followers who have left us…

…we’re back.

And hopefully, for a good, long while.


Three-mendous! Our Blogsite Turns 3 Years Old

(Preface: It was a fully loaded day yesterday, and so we actually missed one day blogging, and right on the very day that this blog turns 4. I apologize for that, folks. Nonetheless, here we are, with a few minutes of this day to slip a moment of blogging. And so we fire away.) turned 3 yesterday! It was in 2008 when I started blogging from a gasoline station somewhere along Aguinaldo Highway in Imus, Cavite. And since then, we have served out 538 posts under 16 categories and 222 tags, received 425 comments, and spammed by 9,024 unknown identities (I wanted to include this figure for fun’s sake). Amazing!

Here now is a rundown of all the top posts and other figures for the past year:

The most viewed file for this year is:

Earthquake Safety Precautionary Measures » earthquake-next-one-photo-rtre2o5-sw

This is actually a link connected to a photo from the National Geographic on a devastated highway during an earthquake. It got 5,792 views the past year.

The most viewed blog post is:

UAAP Season 74 Finals Preview: Ateneo vs. FEU

One of our most followed blog items are those for the UAAP. In fact the second most viewed blog post to this one is a UAAP post from season 72!

The word EARTHQUAKE brought in 4,885 views to our site for the past year. Funny, the second most searched word that brought viewers to our blog was the word PANGET.

Now with a way find out where in the world are our viewers coming from, our blog has been viewed in 45 countries in the world. Aside from the Philippines and US, our other viewers were from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Brunei Darussalam.

Still, our top commenter of all time is our fellow blogger and fellow rusher Specialist Joe. Please check out his blog as well!

I don’t know how it happened, but even with only four blog posts for the month, the month of September 2011 was the busiest month in the past year. One reason could be the championship game between Ateneo and FEU for UAAP S74.

As of today, has been viewed 57,066 times since it was born!

Once again, thank you everyone for patronizing this humble blog.It is always a joy to see our stat charts telling us that we are bringing people insightful and inspiring bits that have been helpful for them. We look forward to more years of joy and happiness through our blog!

I Love You Very March!

The month we’ve all been waiting for is here!

Well… at least, for me.

We’re bringing to you the best of the best as RC and Cess’ blog turns three this month! Let every one else keep the flames from burning this fire prevention month, but for the rest of us, we’re going to light ablaze each and every day of the month with posts, pictures and stories that will keep you wanting the next day to come.

As always, we will be naming the top post and other entries for the year, as well as give our annual report (wow, parang declaration of SALN lang, no?) to get to see who saw what and when.

One thing new, though, is that we have a new blog site also, Snap and Write, my recently created photo-poetry blog. Please do visit the site for you lovers of photography and poetry.

And of course, the last day of the month is reserved for the entry that always bears roman numeral numbers for a blog title.

So, we invite you to join us for the next 30 days of fun-filled blogging here at RC and Cess!

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 16,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Finally… Back to Blogging!

Please don’t ask me what happened the past two weeks. An explanation here would be worth half the day explaining to you what transpired in the last 14 days. Two words, on the other hand, would suffice.

Very. Busy.

So, now, that you’re back here, reading another blog entry, means I finally got off the hook. Welcome back, every one.

And I must say, I’m back to blogging just in time for a lot of things kicking off this coming week–the lenten season, the “official” summer season, the NBA Playoffs, and so many more. I must give a word of caution, though–I haven’t recovered fully from all the hectic battering the past two weeks. Fact is, my real voice is still hoarse, and I still get dizzied up every now and then due to lack of sleep. And, oh, I forgot to tell you (and remind myself) that I still have a few more scheduled tasks ahead in the next two weeks. Knowing how time quickly flies, it won’t be long before I’m back to the usual grind of things.

But, nonetheless, at least we got our blogging juices running again. I’m glad anyhow that the stats have been pretty fine the last fourteen days. In fairness, the absence of any blog post in the last two weeks still got 40+ hits average per day. Maybe people really likes this blog after all.

So, to all my avid readers, we’re back and blazing once more!

Happy 2nd Year to Our Blog! turns two years old today!

It’s been 720 days since we first placed a blog post here, and it has been very wonderful so far. I am very thankful that in the very least, we are able to provide people with insights, inspiration and information that help them tackle each of their day’s grind. The blog is more than just posting information and insights of whatever sort–it’s all about making sense to our readers, regular or chance.

I always go back when I first placed a blog online. That was March 11, 2009 behind the tempered glass wall of the gasoline station convenience store along Aguinaldo Highway in Imus. At that time, they had the only free wi-fi zone nearby our place. Armed with a 32 GB-memory, second hand laptop, I took my first shot at blogging.

435 posts, 386 comments and 38,023 views after, has become a frequent venue for people to be informed, inspired, or simply be relieved from the daily grind of their schedules, this author first and foremost. To be able to give birth to thoughts, either spontaneous or drafter, has become a joy for me. But that joy pales in comparison to the joy that you, our readers, experience whenever you log on and type our URL on the address box. Please keep on doing that, as I keep blogging as well!

Here now are the bests of the past 365 years, as well as a look at the all-time bests since 2009:

The most viewed blog entry in the past year was:

Raw Predictions for UAAP Season 73

The most recent blog entry to make it to the top ten most viewed entry is:

(A long-overdue) Movie Review: Inception

The busiest month was the month of

July 2010

Still, the top five words people are looking for that gets them to this blog are:


The category with the most viewed entries are the:

Sports and Leisure

So there you have it, folks! The best of the last 365 years in our blogsite. Please continue your view

Blog Ratings Are Up the Stat Charts

I just want to personally thank all our regular and chance blog viewers for keeping the stat charts hot since March came in!

We’ve been averaging no less than 50 views per day since March 1, and not lower than 40 since we got our blog a new look and format. The tags, new categories, and even the new feature of the blog theme (the slideshow), has helped a lot in keeping our stats above the usual. Fact is, the blogsite has never experienced such rise in the stats since July last year. This past week has been easily the hottest week of the year so far. And I’m sure, with more stories and post up ahead for our viewers, the stats can go up higher some more.

Please stay tuned with us everyday for the entire month of March, most especially this week, as celebrates two years of blogging!

If you’re one among the many avid readers of this blog, please make your presence felt by jotting down a comment at the end of this page. I would greatly appreciate your continued viewership of this blog!

Ang Marso Ay Sumapit!

photo courtesy of

As far as this blog is concerned, March is the new December!

Ten days from now, will be turning two years old! We’ve really come a long way since that first blogcast on March 11, 2009, at a window corner inside a gas station along Aguinaldo Highway in Imus, Cavite. Back then, we were known as “Timothy’s Corner Window.” It was halfway through our first year that we decided to finally have RCandCess as the official banner name of our blog. Since then up to this point of writing, 37,265 folks have viewed this blog. A small figure you might say, compared to the top-caliber blogsites out there. But the latest count of blog visitors are enough for this lowly blogger to be grateful to the many friends and unknowns who have found it enriching to them to have this blog a part of their day’s grind.

And so, we kick-off this month with an overview of what’s in store for all our readers this month. As always, we promise to deliver you blog posts everyday for the whole month of March. We will also look-back at some of the best posts for the past year, as we have our March Blog Post Rundown for 2011. We will also be featuring some posts, comments and pictures coming from our very own avid readers. Finally, we will be capping off the month with a “natal day” special edition. Obvious ba kung para kanino yun?!

So, folks, the best of the best are coming your way this March for RCandCess’ 2nd Blog Anniversary!