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Running Out of Options

Who are you voting for next year as president?

Honestly, a couple of days ago I was thinking of voting for Miriam.

When Miriam Defensor Santiago decided to run for president, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had announced he was not going to run for the highest position in the land. Since then, almost everybody who was supporting the iron handed leader from Mindanao, shifted towards the good senator, whose credentials and merits are beyond any shadow of doubt.

I was really waiting on Duterte to declare, but when the final second of the deadline for filing lapsed, it was the end of the waiting for me. And like most others, I looked on MDS as an option.

But then Senator Santiago made some ill-sounding comments about the family of the late president Ferdinand Marcos, whose son Bongbong is her running mate. Her statements left a bad taste in a lot of her supporters’ mouths, which prompted them to withdraw support from her, and worse, totally boycott voting for president.

I would have actually let her comments about the Marcoses pass, and still give her my support. After all, supporting her isn’t an automatic count for Bongbong.

But this interview really killed all my admiration for her:

Before I make any comments that may spark a battle of words here, let me state a couple of things: I understand the context where she drew those statements. The death of a son is beyond compare to any pain a living soul will endure on this earth. Not even the most agonizing of physical infirmities can match the hurt that a mother or father would feel if it was given to her or him the task of burying their own child. And we are not taking away from the senator to hurt or continue hurting even after years since her son died. She can continue on refusing to come to terms for all we care.

But to call God an underachiever?

To claim that if she was God she could do a better job?

To conclude that God does not exist?

That’s too much, lady.

I’m still hoping there was something fishy with how Korina Sanchez’s team of editors did the splicing of the full interview, which came out the way we are watching it. Otherwise, then it is nothing else but the good senator accusing God of unrighteousness and injustice.

But like in the movie “God is not Dead,” how can you be indignant against someone you believe does not exist?

Madam Senator, I may not have the brilliance and intelligence that your mind has. I may not be as decorated with credentials as you are. I may not have reached the pinnacles of successes you have reached.

But I don’t think even a million versions of you combined can do a better job than my God.

So, like the rest of you out there, I’ve ran out of options on who to vote for president next year.