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December Traffic

‘Tis the season for love, joy, and longer threads of patience on the road.

It’s finally here, folks–the horror that is December traffic. Either you’re on the suffering end of the jam or you’re the one causing it. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter–everybody’s trapped in it after all.

What really piques my mind is that things suddenly get all messed up on the road automatically when December finally came in (or at least the last weeks of November). My usual travel of 30 minutes from point A to B became an hour AT LEAST. Not even the regular shortcuts you’d take to get you through the fix were spared from the heavy traffic. From a driver’s standpoint (or more appropriately “seat” point), the volume of cars plying the roads have doubled up over the last two weeks. Bazaars and tiangges have sprouted like wild mushrooms almost everywhere. The pedestrians don’t mind anymore if they’re obstructing the flow of vehicles, as long as they get to squeeze into the line of puto-bumbong customers. And the parking? Good luck.

Case in point: coming from Imus, I took the Macapagal highway to avoid the Paranaque-Baclaran jam. Wrong move. I haven’t even taken the turn going to Macapagal, I was already trapped in the jam. Turns out an ongoing construction has slashed one lane off Macapagal, creating the bottleneck that had me and a hundred other motorists reeling. Adding to the already aggravating situation are the hotheads of the roads, whose expletives would pass for that call center-client feud you’ve probably heard circulating around the internet. I chose not to join the fray.

By the time I got past the bottleneck, I had already finished one album’s worth of tracks on my mp3 player. I thought I could finally sigh with relief that the horror is finally over.

Until I got to the World Bazaar.


The parked cars alone took 2/3 of the road, and those who were unfortunate to find a parking ramped up to the center islands like military vehicles awaiting deployment on an Afghanistan crossfire. On the moving side of what’s left of the highway, there’s hardly any giving going on between the motorists (especially those passenger vehicles, who are “kind enough” to stop in the middle of the highway just to get some passengers).Believe me, writing these scenes in my head makes me cringe.

If my conservative estimates would bear me out, I think our patience on the streets will be tested more for the next 27 days, all the way to the new year.

Who knows? It’s already February 2011, and you’re still where you were when you got there in 2010.


Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 8

Ten days after the first automated elections here in the country were done, the big question still remains: may nangyari nga ba talagang HOCUS-PCOS sa halalan natin?

Nito lang isang araw, may lumantad na witness na di-umano’y kasabwat sa isang grandiyosong plano para dayain ang halalan. Ayon kay “Robin” milyun-milyon raw ang perang bumuhos at ibinayad sa kanila upang makapandaya lamang sa mga PCOS Machines at mga balota na gagamitin sa halalan. Pinangalanan pa niya kung sinu-sinong mga kandidato ang nakaltasan ng boto at nakinabang ng dagdag na bilang dahil sa kanilang modus operandi. Sa huli, nagsabi pa siya na una’t huling paglantad na niya ito, dahil na rin sa takot niya para sa kanyang buhay at sa kanyang pamilya.

Subalit, sa kanyang paglantad, walang ipinakitang maliit na hibla ng ebidensya si “Robin” para patunayan ang kanyang patotoo. I may not know much about evidence gathering, but I’m more inclined to think that this guy is just looking for media attention, and not really revealing the truth about the alleged fraud that happened during the elections. A police friend of mine even commented that the guy has nothing to be afraid of as of the moment: after all, he hasn’t presented any strong evidence that can corroborate his claims, or that can alarm the politicians being accused in this case, to the point of them trying to shut up the witness. Sa madaling salita, kung wala ka namang ipapakitang hahabulin sa ‘yo, sinong dapat mong katakutan.

But what is scarier are the actual proofs that I have seen, pointing to possible fraud in our PCOS machines that were used in the elections. Last Monday morning, defeated Manila Mayoralty candidate Lito Atienza, together with his team, gave out photocopies of four to six election returns from Manila which are dated earlier than May 10. These copies point out that it was possible that the votes have already been entered into the machines as early as February and March of this year, and not the ones during election day. Other scrupulous data reveal that there were three clustered precints which had all the figures in them exactly the same. From the number of votes cast, number of votes for each candidate, all the way to the number of registered voters are exactly the same. But the barangay number and clustered precint are different.

The only problem here is that if there was fraud during the automated elections, then we have a bigger problem–election failure. And barely two months before a new president is to be declared, the COMELEC is still trying to resolve this big issue of credibility in the system they just used.

I just wished the people in authority to address this alarming issue, or even the people who had the power in their hands to make sure all these will come to pass smoothly and tamper-proof, were thinking very carefully at the repercussions that these anomalies can bring to our nation as a whole. I’m more inclined to think that, indeed, there were come hocus-pcos that happened last May 10.

It’s just that instead of giving us answers, we now have more questions than when everything was done manually.

Fresh New Start

The fact that I have been tentatively and frustratingly jump starting this blog post with not a single focus in my head means only one thing–my mind is so jammed up, I badly need some reboot!

There… I finally got through my opening. Wait… wait… wait… ugh! There! I was just trying to crush the urge to erase what I have already written here with something else. If I keep on doing this I’ll end up again with nothing to blog about. With all the energy and sensibility I can muster from my weary self, here I am, again, trying to quicken my freezing soul in this burning heat.

The truth is, I just survived a very dizzying election season. And I am quite certain almost every living soul in this country wants to take just time out from all the madness that is subsiding, or perhaps starting a brand new cycle all over again. I don’t even have enough wit right now to look back at what I am writing to check if I am making any sense at all. Pardon me, guys. This isn’t me, yet.

But soon, I’ll be back. Back to my old, blogging self. Soon, I’ll be dishing you out with fresh new stories, tidbits, and the many whatevers of life. For now, endure this irritating rant.

To balance this ire, though, I have some good stuff cooking in my head. Once given enough free time, I plan on reformatting the blogsite with better, user-friendly details. I also plan on finally coming up with tags for my posts. I was reading on of WordPress’ tips on how your blog can get recognized, and they said it is important to put up tags. So, I’ll be taking their advice.

I plan on organizing the previous posts, especially the series editions, for our avid readers to go back and re-read them all over again. That’s a total 306 posts, and so it won’t be easy going through all of them one by one. But with enough time, we can get all of our items here in the sight fixed and organized. Just you wait and see what’s going to happen.

For now, allow me to terminate my random ranting, to give way for 15 minutes of power nap here in our audio room, where the air conditioner is doing the terrific job of making me forget how tormenting the heat is outside.