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The Early Morning Rush


An amateur shot of the dyanmic duo early morning during their March 24 broadcast. I was the one who took the shot, since nobody else was there to take the shot.

Finally, after five years of being a Morning Rusher, I met Chico and Delle in person today.

I dropped by the station (upon the approval of Specialist and Astroboy), and brought the dynamic duo a McDonald’s Hamdesal Breakfast Meal, two apple pies, and brownies from KFC. I also wrote a letter for them.

It was a starstruck moment for me! I’ve only enjoyed their voices through the 93.1 FM band for the last 5 years of my life. And now finally, I got the chance to see them in person.

Well, it’s been a very busy week opener for me since yesterday. Also, the laptop that I use for my blog entries was borrowed by my bestfriend Sant for two days due to some work that got delayed because his laptop crashed. And so with the laptop back, here I am again, back in the blog world. And, boy, what a great story to start the week with–my early morning rush drop by at Manila’s Hottest Radio Station,Monster Radio RX 93.1!


Winner Ako!


Yehey! I just won the Tekki Shomen promo over at RX today!

Medyo late na nga ako nagising kasi naka-30 minute intervals yung snooze ng phone ko. When I woke up, I missed the opening of the program by 10 minutes. Akala ko hindi ko na aabutan ang top ten, pero nagkaproblema ata sa 2299 kaya things went a bit delayed. Then CnD opened up the 29761931 text line for the top ten entries. kaso, dahil ata Globe ako, parang hindi agad agad nakakapasok sa 29761931 yung mga entries. Muntik nang maging malungkot ang umaga.

But when Delle announced the Tekki Shomen promo, takbo agad ako sa phone at dial na kaagad ng 6319393. Nag-ring. After a while, nag-busy na. Redial ulit. Aba! Nag-ring ulit. Walang kasabayan sa linya! Ayos ‘to, sabi ko sa sarili ko.

Tapos ayun na, after 4 calls ending in busy tones, Delle finally picked up my call and I got to go on-air for the contest. My story was when I forgot that I had a departmental exams sa Math 1 (sorry Joe… I know you love math), at hanggang ngayon hindi alam ng prof ko na pineke ko ang bandage sa kanang kamay ko, para magmukhang na-aksidente ako noong exam day kaya di ako nakarating! My near gullible teacher took every element of my fictional story (hope she doesn’t read this blog).

If ever my prize is a one-month supply of Tekki Shomen, yun ang handa ko sa March 31. =)

RCandCess IS, not ARE. =)

When I first joined the Morning Rush Top Ten, the first name I used was ARCE. That was my graffiti name based on my initials. When I lost the SIM using that number I used the name EXCALIBUR, which is one of my favorite fictional objects in English folklore. Excalibur is the name of the sword that Arthur drew out of the ground, making him king by default. It is also the name of one of Marvel’s super hero affiliations, which featured British mutants. I then used a jumbled version of that name X-CALIBER as the name of my high school band.

dana-and-calelWhen the SIM, again, was lost, I changed to CALEL. This is a sanitized spelling of Superman’s alien name Kal-el. Calel used to be my code name in text messages for my Princess (whom I nicknamed Dana). Calel was my second longest running nickname in the Morning Rush airspace.

When I finally got this present number, I opted to include Cess’s name in it. And so you’ve got RCandCess, one of the most confusing names in the Morning Rush Top Ten. I would often hear Chico or Delle pausing for a while to determine whether to use “is” or “are”. One time I had two entries, and for the first entry Delle goes “…RCandCess both say…” On the second entry Delle goes “…RCandCess says…” Hahaha

And so to finally put to rest the conflict between singular and plural, RCandCess is.

From the Corner

img000376My hands are sweating, and so are my feet. I’m inside the gasoline station’s snack shop, writing down this blog.  It’s an air-conditioned room, but since I am seated next to the AC unit, I can hardly feel the coolness of the place. But that’s fine. They’ve got free wi-fi here, and so instead of going to internet shops that are cluttered all across the neighborhood, I prefer surfing the internet and doing my work here, where it’s all peace and quiet, while all the world’s cacophony are competing at each other outside. Only a half-inch, almost soundproof tempered glass window is separating me inside a peaceful environment from the insanity of the Aguinaldo Highway.

I look at the clock, and it’s now 6:51 PM. I had just finished the initial plans for the upcoming camp of our church on May 25. As a way of simmering down the pressure of work, I checked out the blogsites of friends I know. One in particular that caught my attention was that of Chico Garcia, one of the better DJ’s in the metropolis from RX 93.1. Delle, her co-anchor in the “Morning Rush” Show, once described Chico as the “blog-aholic dj.” Early this morning over at their show, Chico was flaunting his blogsite, which was aptly called “Strange Fruit.” I’ve been browsing through it for two months now, primarily because I was checking out the archives of the Top Ten entries that he was posting over his blog.

As the weeks passed, there grew this healthy jealousy for Chico and his blog. I posted a comment over his blog and told him that I was a frustrated blogger, which meant how I really would love to have a blog of my own, but was actually afraid of maintaining it and keeping it updated with posts on a regular basis.

As I logged out, the thought hit me that, hey, maybe it’s about time I do my own blog.

And so here I am, writing this first blog entry of mine ever.

I was contemplating on what best to name my blog. I thought of so many things, including using my RX code name RCnCess. But I already have two social network sites doing the job of expressing my love for my one and only Princess of eight years. I thought maybe it’s not a bad idea to have one of my own, for my own, where I could just dish out my spontaniety and my genius.

And so I shelved the RCnCess idea (although that name is, in fact, the address of this blog), and instead used this title: Timothy’s Window Corner.

I chose this title for many reasons. First, Timothy is the name of two very important persons in my life. The first Timothy is the Timothy from the Bible. Timothy was a very young man when God called him to become a pastor of a church which was entrusted to him by his mentor, the Apostle Paul. Timothy’s character and reputation is synonymous with youthful uprightness, vibrance and spiritual maturity. It is for these reasons that Timothy is my favorite Bible character.

Here's a candid close-up of my kid brother

The second Timothy is my kid brother, Timothy Denzel. He is now 6 years old, and, boy, he is such a true joy to have! He’s very sweet, charming, witty, and, not to forget, cute! Whenever I come home to Manila from my work in Cavite, I would see him at our house seated like a king just 8 inches away from the television, enjoying a yummy bowl of pancit canton. As he glances at me with those joyful eyes, he drops everything down, rushes towards me and gives me that tight bunso hug. Haaay! That’s the joy of being a big brother.

The other half of the blog title, Window Corner, is so because I am doing this blog right at the window corner of the gas station’s snack shop. From there I am closest to the electricty plug, the wi-fi router, and the safe side of the highway. From where I am seated, I see the world running and happening right in front of me. From there I gather my thoughts and ideas, let them flow freely from my head to my fingers to the keyboard to the screen. I wish not to stop and look at how far I have gone writing by now, so that by the end of this entry, I would have actually done a full-pledged blog–pure, unadulterated, spontaneous, free.

By this time, my back is now aching, as I am just sitting on a high stool. But the joy and feeling of having fulfilled a long overdue passion has overwhelmed that.